Getting Book Reviews and Using Them to Sell Your Books

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Getting Book Reviews and Using Them to Sell Your Books

Why are book reviews important? Where do you get a book review? How do you submit your book for review? How do you spot a phony reviewer? How do you prevent a negative review? How will a book review help sell your book? All you ever wanted to know about book reviews will be revealed by Tyler R. Tichelaar, published author, professional book reviewer, and current president of the UP Publishers and Authors Association.


Tyler R. Tichelaar is a novelist, freelance writer, scholar, editor, and book reviewer. Tyler holds a Ph.D. in Literature from Western Michigan University, and Bachelor and Master’s Degrees from Northern Michigan University. Tyler is a regular guest host of Authors Access Internet Radio and the co-author and co-editor of Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Publishers and Authors. He is the President of the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association, and he owns Superior Book Promotions, a book editing, proofreading, and book review service. His novels include The Marquette Trilogy, a family saga covering seven generations between 1849-1999 and centering on the pioneers who settled Upper Michigan and the award-winning Narrow Lives. His most recent book is My Marquette: Explore the Queen City of the North—Its History, People, and Places. Visit Tyler at