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Essence of Motown Literary Conference & Jam

November 8 - 9, 2013

Nov 8, 2013 - 6 pm to 7:30pm Free to Public (donation of 3 or more gently used books encouraged, for our book drive or min $4 for entry)

Location SOURCE BOOKSELLERS, 4240 Cass Avenue, Ste. 105, Detroit, Michigan 48201

Networking, Poetry Performances, Comedy Show & More! all ages can attend

Nov 9, 2013 - 830am to 4pm

Location THE JULIAN C. MADISON BUILDING, 1420 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226

Writing, Publishing & Marketing Workshops, Literary Kidzone, Poetry Symposium, Author & Expert Panels, Special Guest Speaker Lunch, Literary Marketing Experts on Hand, All Male Literacy Panel & More!

SOME EVENTS ARE FREE TO THE PUBLIC (from 11:30am to 4pm)!

All donations made go to support The Detroit Impact Youth Center and Library &

Contact us for more information or make a monetary donation by clicking here.

Conference Site

Registration Site

Hotel | Workshop | Special Guest | Authors | Sponsors (links coming soon)

Send Promo Items to:

Motown Writers Attn: Sylvia Hubbard, Chairperson

PO Box 43439 Detroit, MI 48243

Ship Book Donations to:

Detroit Impact Center

Attn: Book Donations 9930 Greenfield, Detroit, MI 48227

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Hashtag: #Motownlit

Sponsors Include: HubBooks, The Literary Loft, Michigan Literary Network, PaversHome, Versandra Kennebrew Int'l, Literary Voice, Passsion Fruit Poetry,, Detroit Impact, Scriblical Vibez, Literary Loft, Motown Writers Network,, 23Exchange, Detroit Literary Network, ...more to come...

Authors Featured Monica Marie Jones, Versandra, Eddie Connor, Phette Ogburn, Kai Mann, Sylvia Hubbard, ...more to come...


You're invited to the 10th Motown Literary Meet & Greet B&N WSU Aug 10th #michlit #motownlit

You are invited to the following event:
10th Annual Motown Literary Meet & Greet B&N WSU Aug 10th
Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:
Saturday, August 10, 2013 from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM (EDT)
Barnes & Noble
82 W Warren
Cafe Area
Detroit, MI 48202

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Essence of Motown Literary Meet and Greet is geared to kick off our conference season in an effort to raise funds and register people for the conference. In August, we dedicate our usual writers discussion at Barnes and Nobles readers writers & community to together in an effort to increase awareness for the needs in Metro Detroit. We invite non profits, libraries and authors with purpose to come... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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We hope you can make it!

The Essence of Motown Writers Alliance & Motown Writers Network

This invitation was sent to by The Essence of Motown Writers Alliance & Motown Writers Network the organizer.

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