About Essence of Motown

The Essence of Motown Writers Alliance is the brainchild of two Detroit writers: Sylvia Hubbard founder of Motown Writers Network, and Author, LaDonna Tutt.
Created in February 2004 the mission of this alliance, and the EMWA, is to establish a viable literary connection for aspiring writers within the metropolitan Detroit area.
In a city that plays host to a multitude of writing talent, there are surprisingly very few outlets for networking within the Detroit literary community.  Aspiring Motown writers often find themselves having to travel outside of the city, (and most times the state as well) to attend literary conferences and events.  But for most writers, traveling to attend these functions is not always possible.  Should they miss out on the opportunity to form alliances with their peers or fellowship with contemporaries in an effort to grow in their craft or showcase their work?  Hubbard and Tutt answer with a resounding NO! 


Native Detroiter, Sylvia Hubbard has been a writer for as long as she can remember. Often sneaking away from chores to hide in a closet to write Ms. Hubbard completed her first novel at the age of twelve and her first book, Dreams of Reality, was published in 2000 through Xlibris.
In 2000 Sylvia also founded Motown Writers Network, the largest Internet site for Michigan writers and created her own small press, Hub Books Literary Services, in 2003.
As a divorced mother of three, Hubbard also lectures on writing and journaling, works closely in the literary and reading community of Metro Detroit and has published her second literary effort, Stone's Revenge.
Her website is:

Born and raised in Detroit, LaDonna Tutt has been writing since a very early age.  Just finding her niche as an aspiring novelist, Ms. Tutt's work has been featured in The Essence Ezine.
In 2004 Donna founded the Too Sexy For You Writing Group with aspirations on helping to establish African-American writers in the literary industry.
This mother of three is presently in the editing stages with her first novel, The Dressing Room, and hopes to publish soon.