Constructing the Plausible Paranormal

Constructing the Plausible Paranormal

Vampires and shape-shifters might be hot today, but readers have long loved other-worldly occurrences. Tales ranging from The Raven to Carrie to The Sixth Sense prove that plots can transcend trends and find a niche in most any

So how do you defy the Chick Lit/Urban Fiction/Erotica trend and write the reality-bending book of your heart? We'll start by thinking beyond “what's in,” and learn what makes out-of-this-world work.

This workshop will review critical elements of basic plot structure and genre, and how those pieces function in a paranormal setting. We'll use plot lines from popular movies in an interactive format to demonstrate ways of constructing plausible and satisfying supernatural stories.

Facilitator: Stefanie Worth,, Where Souls Collide - On sale now
Can You Believe in The Holiday Inn anthology - October 2008