Book Reviewer Requirements

If you are interested in being a book reviewer for the Michigan Literary Network, Please fill out the form below and email it to: Authors interested in having their book reviewed, please send it to:
Motown Writers Network / Michigan Literary Network
Attn: Sylvia Hubbard/BookReviewer Coordinator
PO Box 27310
Detroit, Michigan 48227


Mailing Address:_____________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________

Phone Number (____)_________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________

Mark X in the space provided before the statements in agreement to:

_______ I agree to received books by this organization and take no less than one month to six weeks to return a written book review by either email or postal mail to the following address, or I will owe the organization the retail price of the book, plus $5.00 to cover the cost of shipping.

_______ I understand there will be no payment for any book reviews done, but I get to keep the book received as a trade for the book review I will provide.

_______ I agree to post my review once I am done to (Access will be granted to post once application has been reviewed, no later than six weeks after book has been received to the address provided above.)