Essence of Motown Literary Meet and Greet August 9th, 2008

Essence of Motown Literary Meet and Greet is geared to kick off our conference season in an effort to raise funds and register people for the conference.

We are hoping this year to making our writing portion free through grants, but we still need location fees, tables fees and so forth so we use the Meet and Greet as our initial fund raiser.

This year, there will be only five author slots available. Payment for these slots will consists of 5 books by the author and $20 dollars.

After payment is received, you'll be returned to this page to be instructed on sending the books in. All books must be received a week before the event so we may properly distribute them.

If you wish to send in promotional materials, please send it to the address below as well.

Essence of Motown Literary Meet & Greet
Attn: Sylvia Hubbard
1 1 3 9 3 C o y l e
Detroit , MI 4 8 2 2 7

Please also fill out the comments below with your name and website name so you can be listed on our program and we know that you are registering as an author or sending promotional material.

Once all the author slots have been filled, we will delete the payment button but you will still have the option of sending in promotional materials and being mentioned.

The program will be announced soon.

Thank you!


rhicks_the_author said...

Hello, My name is Raynell and I'm a new author trying to come up. I have a book that will be ready for publishing at the end of July of 2008. I look forward of being one of the choosing authors. I will send you a press kit wit the first ten pages. If you like you can email me. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!

Sylvia Hubbard said...

raynell, we neverreceived any of this information

please contact us